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Professional man working on a laptop

Tools and Tips for a Virtual Appellate Practice

When I opened a virtual appellate law boutique in 2013, virtual law firms were an oddity.  Although electronic filing of motions and briefs was the norm, most appellate lawyers commuted to traditional offices, conducted in-person meetings, and appeared in person…

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A pen and calculator laying on top of a balance sheet

The Changing Business of Appellate Practice

“Appellate practice isn’t what it used to be.” That was a common refrain when I conducted an informal survey of fellow appellate practitioners. Although opinions differed on how appellate practice has changed over the last decade, there were some common…

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Illustrated grassy hill and road

Lessons from the Journey

My experiences have taught me a few things that I use to guide my now-college-age children on their journeys through life. They are basic truisms that have gotten me through some di cult times. Here they are. People are pretty…

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