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Appellate Law Group LLC has a singular focus—representing sophisticated clients in complex civil appeals in the Pennsylvania state and federal appellate courts.

Appeals are very different from trials. Successful trial lawyers are masters of the facts. They know how to mold facts to create a compelling story and persuade a judge or jury.

Appellate lawyers also tell a story. But an appellate lawyer’s focus is on the legal issues. Appellate lawyers use their research, analysis, and writing skills to distill a complex set of facts to support a compelling legal argument.

A Winning Combination

A high-quality appellate brief is the key to winning on appeal. An Appellate Law Group brief stands out. We understand that each matter has a unique set of facts and issues. Our briefs tell a compelling story—your story—in a clear and convincing way by using a combination of creativity and skill to create a compelling legal argument.

We know from experience how to select the arguments most likely to succeed on appeal. We then use cutting-edge legal research programs that employ artificial intelligence to find the best and most recent authority to support those arguments.

All too often appeals are quashed or dismissed because the appellant’s lawyer made a procedural error that could have been avoided. Our experience in the appellate courts reduces the likelihood of attorney error.

Commitment to Clients

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Our approach to appeals differs from that of larger firms. At Appellate Law Group, the lawyer who argues your case to a panel of judges is the same lawyer who identifies and analyzes the issues, reads the cases, and writes the brief, leaving no chance for important details to become lost in translation from one lawyer to the next.

Our approach helps ensure that the lawyer fielding questions from the bench at oral argument has a thorough understanding of both the law and the facts.

The Bottom Line

Hiring an appellate lawyer is a big decision. The appellate courts are like stormy seas. If you do not know where you are going or how to get there, you are likely to end up on the rocks.

Whether you hope to change course and reverse a trial court’s decision or get it affirmed, you need the right lawyers to steer the ship. Let us work with you to steer your ship in the right direction.

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