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At Appellate Law Group, we understand the stressful life of a trial lawyer.

Court appearances, depositions, client meetings, travel ─ the daily life of a trial lawyer does not leave much time to research and write an appellate brief. And some cases are simply too important to rest on the shoulders of an inexperienced associate or contract lawyer.

At Appellate Law Group, our experienced appellate lawyers work closely with trial lawyers both in the trial court and on appeal to secure the best outcome for their clients.

At trial, we help preserve issues for appellate review by drafting dispositive motions, including preliminary objections and motions for summary judgment. After trial, we assist with post-trial motions, motions for nonsuit, motions to dismiss, and motions for reconsideration.

We often advise trial counsel about whether an interlocutory order is appealable. If it is, we will help determine whether an interlocutory appeal is the wise choice, or whether the client would be better served by waiting to appeal a final order.

When representing the appellant, we work closely with trial counsel to identify those issues most likely to secure a reversal. When representing the appellee, we help identify defenses, including jurisdiction and waiver.

An appellate lawyer can bring a fresh perspective to a case. It is not uncommon for our analysis to spot issues that prove to be the key to a reversal. And as we are less vested in what previously happened at trial, we may be better able to evaluate the merits of an appeal with an objective eye.

Appellate rules are complex, and many issues are unique to appeals, including appellate jurisdiction, standard of review, mootness, and waiver. As experienced appellate lawyers, we know how to identify those issues and address them in an appellate brief.

Appeals are uncharted waters for many trial lawyers. Let Appellate Law Group help steer you in the right direction.

For more information, see Virginia’s article 8 Tips for Writing a Winning Appellate Brief.

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